Cannabis & Safe Storage

Cannabis should always be safely stored, especially when it’s used recreationally. You should store cannabis like any other narcotic or prescription drug.

  • Store your cannabis in a safe or equally protected location that you can secure with a lock (e.g. cabinet, closet, or container).
  • If you have children or have children who visit your home regularly, you should consider storing cannabis products in childproof containers to avoid accidental ingestion.
  • Always clearly label as cannabis product. It’s recommended to keep the cannabis in its original Licence Producer packaging as most are child resistant.
  • If you make edibles or any cannabis  product, and have it visible in your home, it’s recommended to mark the product and clearly outline the THC potency. 

The ideal storage location provides easy accessibility for the intended user while preventing or discouraging inappropriate access and accidental ingestion by anyone else, especially children.

Cannabis & Safe Disposal

If you have leftover cannabis or are unsatisfied with your current cannabis product, there are safe disposal methods you can take:

  • Blend the cannabis with water and mix it with cat litter, to mask the odour, and then place it in your regular household garbage.
  • It is not advisable to burn your dried cannabis or plants.